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Adding Shape and Texture to the Walls

Time for a slightly more complicated breakdown!

Starting with the interior lighting: the 600D through a 4x4 frame of 250 was our key source. Used a little 2x3 solid to keep the spill off the back wall. Notice the tiny highlight on the left cheek of the subject? That’s a near perfect Rembrandt lighting pattern (👨‍🎨!) and in most cases, the ideal look for the far-side key.

The LiteMat 2L Plus was super dim near the front of the subject and acted as a fill to help wrap the light.

We also used one Aputure B7C in the desk lamp as a practical. Loved utilizing the battery function of this light so we could hide the power cord for the lamp and clean up the frame.

I’m a big fan of lighting from the outside. It just feels a lot more natural. Go figure! We covered both windows on the right with 216 diffusion and shot an Aputure 300X through each to get that nice bloom in the highlights. I only included one on the diagram because that would have been too busy.

Just behind the key and out the window there was a second 600D and a Joker 800 to push light on the back wall. Our set was on the second floor so thankfully we had a couple mombo combos to get the height we needed. (Those things are heavy) We propped up a big ol fiddle leaf fig to create a pattern and some texture on the back wall.

Sorry if that’s confusing. I’ll post a couple bts shots to my story so you can see what I’m talking about 😅

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance gaffer based in Lafayette, Colorado serving Boulder, Denver, Golden, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and the Rocky Mountain region at large.


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