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Denver Colorado Gaffer's Hot Take on Aputure Infinibars

Denver gaffer hot take on Aputure Infinibars
Lighting Diagram by Tyler Kaschke, Denver Colorado Gaffer

Do low tech features on lights get you excited? Just me? Ok then.

There are a lot of cool things to highlight with the Aputure Infinibars: crazy pixel density, rock solid baby pins, heat sinks to prevent overheating when using grids, linking multiple units together seamlessly end to end. But I think my favorite feature is the built-in magnets. 😎

Did you know most corners in buildings have steel over the drywall to maintain the structure? Did you ever think you could just slap a light to a wall or ceiling and have it stay in place? Or how about the grid of a drop ceiling? You might be surprised where you find ferrous metal on location.

The frame above was from a week-long project in many locations around an office building. We had time to build our shots, but we still needed to be judicious with rigging and setups. The magnets on the Infinibars allowed us to get the lights into some unusual spots with zero fuss. Swipe through to check out some BTS of the various setups.

For this one, we matched the temperature of the overhead lights in the camera (~4000K) and kept them on to fill in the room, then used our lights to create shape and depth. Three 1200Ds pushed through ½ CTO and two 20x silks over windows in the background for some airy glow, a 600C with fresnel spotted and set to 6000k gave us a cool hard edge. Blacked out the lights directly over talent and used a couple Infinibars for fill. @litegear Spectrum 8 with @dopchoice choice Snapgrid was the key on the floor.

Production @triarchcreative creative

Director @quinnyboy5

DIT Tim Hardy

BTS Nathan Mitchell

Art Director @jessie_capstick

Props Liz Griffith

Wardrobe @nikkirmalloy

Wardrobe Assist Paulina Solski

Tyler Kaschke is a gaffer / chief lighting technician with 2 ton G&E grip truck and sprinter van rentals serving Denver, Boulder, Golden, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and the Rocky Mountain Region at large.

For more information about grip and lighting tips and shooting video production commercials in Colorado, follow me on Instagram @colorado_gaffer 


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