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Home Gym in a Jiffy

Tyler Kaschke, Boulder, Denver Colorado, Gaffer, Grip, G&E, Grip truck, Key Grip

This image is brought to you by a haze machine and the principles of the far-side key.

Another fun project with my favorite DP, Jon Hamblin. I love finding that flow with a cinematographer when you can just make eye contact and a hand signal and know what needs to be done. Working with Jon is that way for me.

We were pressed for time (naturally) but our prep work paid off and we were able to light this scene in short order. The setup was a relatively simple solution that gave Jon and the director more time to shoot in this location.

This look consisted of a strong backlight from a Joker 800 through the window, the key light from a Joker 200 with a small Chimera Stripbank in the vertical position, a couple bounce boards, and a Litepanels Astra 6X into an 8x8 ultrabounce to give the room a little ambient lift. And plenty of haze, of course!

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance gaffer based in Lafayette, Colorado serving Boulder, Denver, Golden, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and the Rocky Mountain region at large.


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