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I Love Art Department

Lighting diagram about set lighting tips for working with art department by Tyler Kaschke, Colorado Gaffer

Shoutout to my homies in the art department 🎷💕🎷 I have a lot of respect for people who can transform an empty studio space into something that only existed in their imagination weeks prior. That’s a sort of raw creativity that I don’t possess and I think it’s really cool. Every department on any set is vital to the overall success of the project, but from a visual standpoint, production design and lighting probably have the most impact on the look and feel the director and DP are going for. It’s easy to make a space that’s already visually interesting look even better with lighting. I mean, have you ever worked on a location with four white walls and boring furniture?? It can be really challenging to achieve the right tone in a room like that. My advice for young filmmakers is to invest more in your production design. It will make everyone’s job way easier because your scene will already look great on camera. Add in some beautiful light and it’s elevated further. Lovely talent with great hair and makeup and wardrobe will take it to the next level. And man, if you have an editor and colorist who know what’s going on, you’ll have a really nice looking image to share. That collaboration is my favorite aspect of working in production. So many talented specialists combining their super powers to tell impactful stories. Or in my case with the image above, selling lab grown diamonds 😅 Two 5Ks into an 8x book light for the key. Control grid, floppies, and a cutter to keep it off the walls. Space lights for room tone, Pavotube for an edge, and a Leko as a special. Wired up a few practical lamps for more texture and it’s good to go 🤝 Production @human___design

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance gaffer with grip truck based in Lafayette, Colorado and serving Boulder, Denver, Golden, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

For more information about working with people in art department and other set lighting tips, follow me on Instagram @colorado_gaffer


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