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Lighting Can Enhance or Diminish the Efforts of the Entire Crew

Denver Lighting Crew
Lighting Diagram by Tyler Kaschke, Denver Colorado Gaffer

denver lighting crew
Final Image vs. In Camera

Here’s another example of using color in camera to create a unique look. Not only is @daniel_with_a_camera (future ASC) a super talented and cool guy, he’s also a wizard of color manipulation and I love watching him create a new reality behind the lens. There are a number of ways we could have lit this library scene, and achieving this was a new challenge for us.

Beginning with the camera settings: Dan dropped the ISO to the floor to lean into the low end of the curve. White balance was set to 4300K which made daylight from the windows shift cooler. 12 points of green added to camera to stylize the look even more. Window exposure was cut with ND to balance with the low ISO Then we added 1/2 CTB on top of that to push the windows cooler. Our lights were set to around 3000K so they still appeared warm in camera.

The light from the windows acted as our base exposure and then we added color contrast and shape with our own fixtures. The subject’s face was lit with an MC bounced into a piece of notebook paper. We placed B7Cs in each lamp for pools of light down the line. A @litegear LiteMat 4 Spectrum came from above for a toppy fill and several @asteraofficial Titan Tubes with @dopchoice Snapgrids pushed warm light from the aisles for a back edge and more color contrast.

Once you understand the relationship between your camera settings and the light you’re using you can do some pretty cool stuff!

Many thanks to our excellent Denver production and lighting crew for making this beautiful commercial possible!

Production @human___design

Director @micahjdudash

Producer @meems_mk

2AC Mike Scheuer

Wardrobe @nikkirmalloy

Tyler Kaschke is a gaffer / chief lighting technician with 2 ton G&E grip truck and sprinter van rentals serving Denver, Boulder, Golden, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and the Rocky Mountain Region at large.

For more information about grip and lighting tips and shooting video production commercials in Colorado, follow me on Instagram @colorado_gaffer 


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