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Litemats from Above

This was my first time working with cinematographer, Mike Weldon. He's such a talented guy and very fun to work with.

We knew from our tech scout that we would be battling the sun on the buildings across the street later in the afternoon, so we took the time to ND the windows when we first arrived on the shoot day. We just didn't have enough lights to overpower the exterior at its brightest.

We used an book light with an Arri M8 as the key from the left and had three Litemats mounted to the ceiling for back and top light. Fortunately, the ceiling was vaulted with bare trusses, so we could just use c-clamps and get everything up their easily. A second M8 was used on the right side of frame to lift the exposure of the extras.

I love using Litemats for this exact reason. Their low profile allows them to be rigged with ease and the quality of light is fantastic. Their customer service is also stellar. You really do get what you pay for.

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance gaffer based in Lafayette, Colorado serving Boulder, Denver, Golden, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and the Rocky Mountain region at large.


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