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Want a Happy DP? Read this Post.

Want a Happy DP? Read this post.
Lighting Diagram by Tyler Kaschke, Colorado Gaffer

The DP's happiness (with an image, not in life) is every grip and electric’s priority. And as a head of the department, you have the responsibility to set the tone for how your team achieves that.

When you’re in the pocket with the DP and director, have some awareness and keep the chatter to a minimum to let them focus. I’m all about telling hilarious jokes and having fun, but we are hired because we’re professionals and should be on our game in front of the people who pay us to be there. Just read the room a little sometimes.

Anticipate what the cinematographer is going to ask for before they ask for it. Head up those other lights so they’re ready in staging, just in case. Keep a whole family of apple boxes nearby when they just ask for one. Simple stuff that can save seconds adds up big time over the course of a day. The more efficiently our team is communicating and working ahead, the more time the DP has to tinker and fine tune an image. They won’t be mad about it.

Don’t ever make the production wait for your department. Finishing the day on time is also a top priority (when dealing with circumstances within your control). The AD is another person you should be looking out for. Do your part to make sure we go home on time. ✨🏄‍♂️✨

No grid overhead in this studio, so a big soft push from a 12x12 double break through 1/2 grid and three 1200Ds. That gave us some base exposure instead of using space lights. Hard shadows via a 600D with F10 fresnel. Another 600D with Leko raking the back wall, hot spot feathered with a net. The fill from the right was a @sunnyxiaotech Caster C02P 2x1 soft panel through a frame of 250. Finally, we used a @lightbridge CRLS 50 diffusion 2 to bring more life to the ranch on this pizza.

Fun fact: this was my third ranch dressing commercial of the year 🇺🇸

Director @fitzwander

Producer Michele Purcell

Line Producer Taylor Joachim

KG / sweet rigs @radicalghast

Food stylist Kim Hicks

Skateboards @sierraalongi

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance gaffer with G&E and grip truck and sprinter van rentals based in Boulder, Colorado and serving Denver, Golden, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

For more information about lighting tips and shooting commercials in Colorado, follow me on Instagram @colorado_gaffer 


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